Thulasi Chandu Chandu

Thulasi Chandu: A brave Light

Thulasi Chandu, a brave Telugu journalist, shines as a beacon of heroism in the face of constant online harassment and life-threatening tension. Chandu has been the target of continuous trolling, unwanted personal assaults, and online abuse since she launched her YouTube channel. Her haters characterize her as “anti-Hindu,” “Urban Naxal,” and “communist,” reflecting the growing intolerance of various perspectives in India’s media landscape.

Chandu has been working on her channel nearly three years to educate viewers on necessary political topics, criticizing all administrations regardless of political party in control. However, right-wing elements misinterpreted her neutral journalism as anti-Hindu. This is a sign of a wider problem afflicting Indian media: news polarization caused by political bias.

The Indian Media’s Polarization

Chandu’s experience shows a bigger problem in India: the growing polarization of news, affected by political discrimination. The Indian media appears to have gravitated towards specific political parties in recent years, affecting the transparency and objectivity required from journalism. This biased information is especially harmful to the country’s youth, who rely largely on the media for knowledge.

The Decline of Press Freedom

Another concerning trend in the world’s largest democracy is the steady decline of a journalistic freedom. This can be observed by India’s decline from 150th to 163rd place in the World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in 2022. The RSF research highlights horrific online attacks and violent social media campaigns against journalists, many of whom are female, showing a rising problem of transparency and press freedom.

Journalists’ Unyielding Spirit in the Face of Suppression

Journalists like Chandu refuse to back down in the face of growing threats and declining freedom. Her constant dedication to transparent journalism serves as a harsh reminder of the critical need for fundamental reforms to protect India’s free press.
democracy in danger

Solutions for preserving Media Integrity

Several methods can be taken to address these difficulties. It is critical to improve laws and procedures to safeguard journalists, particularly women, from online harassment. Furthermore, tougher media ownership regulations are required to prevent political bias. Furthermore, boosting media literacy among youngsters can assist them in identifying objective journalism from politically influenced news.


The Indian media landscape is currently at a critical point. It is up to elected officials, media outlets, and the general people to secure the long-term survival of transparent journalism. Such steps would not only protect courageous journalists like Thulasi Chandu, but will also strengthen the nation’s democratic fabric.

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