Morocco Earthquake#Morocco Earthquake

Massive Earthquake Rocks Morocco: Over 2,100 Lives Lost

Late last Friday, a devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Morocco, leaving a heart-wrenching toll of 2,122 dead and 2,421 injured. Tragically, around 1,400 of these injuries are critical.

In the wake of this disaster, residents near the quake’s epicenter in Moulay Brahim village, just outside the vibrant city of Marrakech, were seen fleeing their homes in panic. Amidst the chaos, streets were strewn with rubble, and numerous buildings lay in ruins or bore signs of heavy damage.

Morocco earthquake
#Morocco earthquake

Swiftly responding to the Morocco earthquake, King Mohammed VI took commendable steps. He promptly activated the army’s search and rescue teams, employing helicopters and drones in the mission to find and rescue trapped survivors. As a mark of respect for the lost souls, the Royal Palace in Rabat announced a three-day national mourning period. During this time, flags on public buildings will symbolize the nation’s grief by flying at half-staff.

The aftermath of the quake found many Marrakech residents opting for the safety of the open skies, choosing to sleep outdoors. Others wandered the debris-laden streets, seemingly lost and overwhelmed.

In these trying times, international solidarity shines through. Countries like Spain and the United Kingdom, displaying their unwavering support, are dispatching search and rescue teams to assist in Morocco’s relief efforts.

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