Dhirendra Shastri : Bageshwar Dham Baba#Dhirendra Shastri : Bageshwar Dham Baba

There might be few among you who haven’t heard the name of Bageshwar Baba (Dhirendra Shastri). What’s so special about him? It is said that Baba has a miraculous way of understanding people’s problems and provides a magical solution to them. However, gaining popularity these days isn’t complete without bringing the Hindu-Muslim angle into it. Our media is well-versed in this game. They might miss out on other news, but they never fail to incorporate the Hindu-Muslim angle into everything. That’s the talent of our media.

People from different religions might have differing beliefs, but when it comes to faith and superstition, they are the same. Some even go to the extent of blindly following these “Babas” and considering them god-like figures.

Dhirendra Shastri
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We often hear about allegations of sexual assault or corruption against these spiritual leaders. Despite knowing the hypocrisy of many of these figures, people still blindly trust them. This is called blind faith.

Dhirendra Shastri
#Dhirendra Shastri

Bhageshwar Baba’s real name is Dhirendar Shastri. He hails from Madhya Pradesh and runs an ashram named Bageshwar Dham. According to some reports, his actual name is Dhirendra Krishna Garg, and he is only 26 years old. Consider how, in earlier times, one had to meditate for thousands of years to attain knowledge, but this individual claims such wisdom at a young age.

His claim to fame is his provocative speeches on Hindu-Muslim matters. In our country, to gain fame, one just needs to make incendiary remarks about Hindu-Muslim relations. The media and IT cells will do the rest, presenting snippets of your speech as if it’s divine.

How can such a person have good intentions when he urges people to take up arms? True spiritual leaders in Hinduism always had pure hearts, guiding people away from destruction, not inciting violence. His statements were meant to incite communal violence. However, given the state of law and order in our country, he faced no consequences. For those unaware, practicing untouchability is a crime in our country, and yet he did it openly without any legal action against him.

When Dhirendra Shastri visited Nagpur for a congregation, he continued with his usual routine of reading people’s minds and providing miraculous solutions. Then enters Shyam Manav, the National Convener of Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, an organization formed in 1980 by Narendra Dabholkar. The purpose of this organization was to fight against superstitions. After Dabholkar’s assassination in 2013, Shyam Manav continued his mission. According to reports, Shyam has exposed the deceit of over 200 spiritual leaders.

Coming back to Dhirendra Shastri’s story, when Shyam Manav learned about his Ram Katha, he welcomed it. But upon realizing that Dhirendra also conducts his Divya Darbar where he gives people miraculous solutions, and often breaks the law, Shyam reports him to the police. Despite evidence, the police cleared the Baba of all charges. Shyam challenges Dhirendra for a test of his claimed abilities, but Dhirendra leaves two days earlier. In his defense, Dhirendra says that the event had concluded two days earlier, which is why he left.

Shankaracharya Swami Avimukteshvaranand, in a statement, challenges those who claim to perform miracles to prove their abilities in practical ways. Dhirendra even claims to cure ailments like cancer with his medicines, a feat that world-renowned doctors have not achieved.

That’s All I Want To Tell You

The crux of this long tale is to emphasize the thin line between faith and blind faith. Keep your faith in your hands, and never blindly trust anyone. There’s always a risk of being deceived. Be wary of those who exploit your beliefs, or you might end up with stories like that of Asharam. Worship is essential, but blind devotion can be dangerous. The message I want to convey is to be aware and cautious.

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