Balasore Train Accident#Balasore Train Accident

Arrests and Suspension were also made by CBI

After the deadly Balasore Train Accident, Odisha, three railway workers have been arrested, which is a terrible turn of events. Arun Kumar Mahanta, Mohammed Amir Khan, and Pappu Kumar were all taken into custody by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Some of these workers were Senior Section Engineers or Technicians. Charges like homicide and hiding evidence were the reason for the arrest. Indian Railways has also put seven workers on leave for not doing their jobs right, which led to the accident.

Balasore Train Accident: Lead to the death of 293 lives

This terrible incident took place on June 2 near a small station in Balasore called Bahanaga Bazar. The crash led to the tragic loss of 293 lives, with most people dying at the accident site or on their way to the hospital. Six more people people passed away in the hospital from their injuries. This accident reminds me of a similar one that happened in Assam in 1999, when two trains ran into each other head-on and killed more than 280 people.

The accused railway workers were taken to a CBI court after the initial investigation.  There, they were locked up for five days. After this, the CBI asked for four more days to question them and got them. The investigation found that these workers tried to hide their mistakes by getting rid of proof after the crash.

What happened exactly on that day?

 The Coromandel Express, which was coming from Howrah, hit a goods train that was just sitting there. Because of this crash, many cars went off the tracks. Then, some of these derailed cars fell onto the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express train that was going by.

After the accident, a probe was started by the Commissioner of Railway Safety. They found that there were major problems with the station’s alerting system. In particular, a wiring problem was missed in a box that controlled the lights near Bahanaga Bazaar station.

A mistake on the labels that had been missed since 2018 was another shocking find. When someone was working on the Electric Lifting Barrier (ELB), they made a mistake that caused it to stop working. This disconnect made the green light ON no matter what the ground state was, which led to the terrible accident.

Balasore Train Accident
#Balasore Train Accident

Wake-up call

This sad  incident is a wake-up call to all railway workers how important safety rules are. It makes us think of other terrible train crashes, like the ones in 1998 and 2010 in Khanna and Jnaneswari Express. Both of these accidents happened because safety steps were not done right.

The Boss of South Eastern Railway, Anil Kumar Mishra, said he was very sorry about what happened. He said that this tragedy could have been avoided if the workers had been more careful.

As the Indian Railways and the CBI do a full investigation of what happened, we are reminded of how important it is to be careful and watchful when it comes to railway safety. With the right care and attention, we can stop these kinds of tragedies from happening again.

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